The daily battles of life, cut from paper and animated in 3D

TED Blog

Béatrice Coron doesn’t so much tell stories, as cut them. [ted_talkteaser id=1257]At TED2011, the French-born artist shared how she creates intricate, fantastical worlds by slashing paper into beautiful silhouettes. During a party at TED, held in the rotunda of Long Beach’s Aquarium of the Pacific, Coron ran into James Stewart, the Canadian film director who pioneered digital 3D technology. Earlier that day, he’d given a talk at TED University about the art of 3D storytelling.

“I’d seen her talk and she had seen mine,” Stewart tells the TED Blog. “I said to her, ‘I love your work. Let’s make a 3D film together.’” And so they did.

Today, Coron and Stewart are premiering their collaboration — which has shown at 15 festivals and events, including TED2013, and which is being submitted for Oscar consideration in the Animated Short Film category  —  online. Called Daily Battles, the film features Coron’s signature…

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