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Happy Tihar For All Sister and Lovely Heart

Tihar is all good relation and relation make all in one that is form of God, Good relation make impossible that is God.We are here no cause but leave this entire world without pitch it but one relation make greater world and make God.
All Friends Happy Diwali Life in Present because whenever this present is transferred to past what we want we wouldn’t. Make better Diwaali and make better world

Happy  Dashain 2070

There is Hope to win with negative power which is cruel, unexpected and undefined. Dashain is one part of believing positive attitude and winning with negative part. There is fight with both right and wrong always win right because there is rule to run this world if rule break there is end of world. Dashain start from our Holy Devy Durga Bhawani Battle with Devil Mahishashur till 10 day and kill him to rule this world with positive attitude.
So Dashain is the Festival of forget negative attitude with new positive attitude or Win with negative with Positive attitude.