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My Heart My love My Story

DHiraj Friendship
I just close both my eyes and take long breath.I don’t know my heart is beaten faster faster faster when i remember that image.I don’t know i’m just 18 years old but i listened other’s love relation and also read love story books. My mind is pure and also heart I didn’t thought about love with other girlfriend or other yet and i didn’t say or my heart also didn’t chose anyone until yet.I’m always alone person that’s why i’m also alone but what is story that is Romantic……


My Heart My Love My Story

There is many things in world where we are living to do and stay in own way but in this world all in rule and regulation so from beginning of this world all want to be ideal and perfect but some could whose Heart is wide and mind is so sharp but other they could not know own self and own self be going Hell.This world is here because of those who are really great and lovely.So from today one story is written from my heart once read it