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There is great history of Kshettri, there are many tradition to make world better and rule better. One of this is kshettri who is known by Waarriors. We are warrior but not for crual for freedom and peace.Kshetti is located in rural place of Darchula where every two year young and virgin boys are go for worshipinf Devi Shurma in Surma Sarawar.They ate once a day and they wear only dotti and they get up just like Sadhu and take long trip in Mountain.In the way race is held and who win get prize fron Devi.They are said to be Beerey means brave man and they are said to be foBeereyrm of God and beg “bar” and beerey are wear “baramkoila’s mala” they give small piece of baramkoila as “bar”